Help | #5

detroit help


As my internship came to an end I realized that there was a reason that I didn’t get any of the internships that I applied for in the medical field, there was a reason why I hadn’t stayed in Ann Arbor for the summer, and there was a reason why I ended up here; more than I needed to gain experience in my career field, my city needed me. I realized that the children of Detroit were screaming “Help!”, waiting for someone to rescue them from a city where they are surrounded by bad decisions while trying not to be engulfed by the temptation of the world. They were crying for love, affection, attention, and most all someone to believe in their future. For the world continuously says that they lack the desire to learn, the determination to succeed, and the will to try, but in fact they possess all of these things, but need someone’s belief so that they may tap into them. That is why I believe that through the denial of internship positions, change of family circumstances, and uncomfortable changes I ended up there; so that I could give the youth something to believe in, someone to believe in them, and the power to overcome adversity. I left my internship TRULY believing that the youth ARE the future and that their success is dependent upon US, those who hear their cry for help, believe that they can overcome, and recognize that asking for help is not the sign as weakness, but is instead a signal of strength.


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