Continuing the Pursuit of Research, Post #4

Since my last blog post, I actually accomplished an experiment I had been working on perfecting for a while, and am quite proud of–

Last month, I had been taught the processes of immunofluorescence staining (IF staining) on mouse tissue. However, the process involved is fragile in nature and the images I obtained from the staining were often not as solid and defined as I would have liked; either the mouse tissue would be slightly shifted/torn, or the antibodies would not stick onto the tissue for whatever reason. Because IF staining is somewhat of a long and tedious process, such “failure” had been both frustrating and disappointing to me. However, finally, last week I was able to obtain beautiful images of antibody-stained tissue. For me, such an accomplishment was symbolic because it gave me a good sense of what it means to go into the biomedical research field. Research involves constant retrials, errors, and failures before reaching successes. Yet being able to persevere while problem-solving are facets that are extremely necessary in the field. Thus, finally obtaining those IF images was a truly proud moment of mine this summer.

Further, because of this internship this summer, I was able to more confidently see that this field is one in which I want to pursue. There is still so much data that is needed to be collected for the questions being asked about the Hedgehog pathway. Fortunately, my past professor had just recently offered to be my co-sponsor this year for independent research for credit. Thus, I will be able to continue my work into this upcoming fall semester!


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