This is Not the End |#5

The end of the summer has been comprised of a variation of mini-projects, resulting in a slow and lazy end. From converting cassette tapes into digital audio files to grading questionnaires subjects fill out for one of our experiments, I accomplished many important but monotonous tasks. It was even fun seeing how well or poorly the subjects performed on the questionnaire, indicating just how many of them weren’t playing close attention.

Anyhow, this slow pace was a welcomed change for me, for working at the lab turned out to a nice and relaxing transition to the hectic school year. However, this is merely the calm before the storm. The summer portion of working at the Computational Neurolinguistics Lab is over, though there is so much more to be done. Once the school year starts, we’ll jump right back in recruitment, experiment sessions, and the more advanced stages of data analysis – and I’m more than excited for these next stages.


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