Almost That Time #4

I now have a couple of more days until it is the last day of work and I’ve just been continuously scanning and renaming files on the computer. I have always wondered what was the point of me scanning all those papers and renaming the files on the computer. But I have figured out that it was important for the company to have an electronic copy in case they have lost or thrown away the hard copies.

DSC_1109.JPGThen I was taking off staples out of papers that needed to be going into the shredder, which was kind of time consuming.  I was also organizing the storage rooms with the big boxes; I had to pull out all the old files from 2009 and backDSC_1110
in the years. It was quite time consuming and tiring with heavy boxes to carry, but luckily there was a cart for me to row it with. Everybody had realized that it was almost time for me to leave, so there was not much given for me to do after.


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