Future Confusion | #3

How has your internship influenced your (near) future (school, career, or personal plans)?

My internship has influenced my future school/career plans more than I anticipated it to. To sum it up in one word: confused. But, confused in a good way if there is such a thing. Before my internship, I was sure I wanted to work in some type of primate conservation research in non-profit or government work. I had taken a class with a professor that focuses on this type of work, which I throughly enjoyed. However since starting my internship, the possibility of working in a zoo setting as become more appealing. Not only did I love the aspect of working with the animals, but also enjoyed the full time staff I was able to work with. Every single one of them truly loved their job and have such deep connections with the animals that they have worked with for many years. Although being a zookeeper is not the most well paid job, I could see myself enjoying such a job; A job that I could see myself being excited to go to everyday.


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