Final Reflection | #5

Looking back at this summer not only have I really learned a lot about the art industry, but also I was able to network with so many people. I was so grateful to have this internship with Branded Arts, which is a company based out of Santa Monica that hosts art exhibitions and creates large scale building murals. When I first started I was really thrown right into the action helping with creative marketing, helping do research and even helping the artists themselves physically paint these large scale murals on the side of huge buildings. At one point I was calling every major news outlet in the Los Angeles Area for a huge mural festival we were curating at the RFK Community Schools in Los Angeles. Each project was unique because depending on the subject matter and the type of mural that we were commissioned to do, a different artist was procured from varies places all around the world. It was amazing to be able to meet these world renowned artists and to work along side them.  Furthermore, It was great to be able to do photography and videography work as well for these projects. Through this internship, I have learned more about what I would like to do as a career path in the future. Although I am not sure exactly what I would like to do, I know that I want to do something that involves creativity and interacting with various people. Although I am in the School of LSA currently, I originally came to the University of Michigan through the School of Art and Design, so i really have a passion for creativity. Although my time with this company this summer is over, I know that I will always have a connection to this company and may work with them again in the future! Branded Arts is a very successful company but at the same time it is a huge family that is full of great people and amazing artists! Although I was not able to share all of the projects that I was a part of this summer in the past blogs, I attached various photos of different projects that I did with Branded Arts this past summer below.

Shepard Fairey_Obey3.JPGCyrcle @kungfubreakfast.jpgCuriot @_j47r_.pngAndrew Hem by KungFuBreakfast078.jpgDavid Flores @kungfubreakfast.jpgColette Miller@nickesbueno.JPGHueman @kungfubreakfast.jpgHueman Air by KungFuBreakfast004.jpgBeau Stanton @kungfubreakfast.jpgGreg Mike @kungfubreakfast.jpgDallas Clayton@nickesbueno.JPGJames Bullough @kungfubreakfast (1).jpgYoskay Yamamoto by KungFuBreakfast029.jpgPaige Smith @kungfubreakfast.jpgIMG_0370.jpgIMG_0309.jpgIMG_0096.JPGIMG_00434 2.jpg2.jpg7.jpg9.jpg


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