New Opportunities || Blog 3

At first, I was really confused; I was a Biochem major working in a psychology lab.  I initially thought that this experience would detract from my initial plans of working in a heavily wet-lab based chemical laboratory.  After all, what would I be able to take from this psych lab that would be useful anywhere?

In time, although this internship experience lied outside my intended field, it opened my curiosity to far more variety of different fields within research.  By the end of the summer, I didn’t dread or question my intended lab experience; I came in with the heart that wanted to learn more, an opportunity to absorb a different kind of knowledge I knew I couldn’t absorb within my major (mostly topics of cross-cultural psychology as well as different ways to manipulate MatLab)

I came to appreciate having a more varied approach towards the realm of research. I’m actually considering maybe pursing another internship in psychology during the school year? Who knows?


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