What did your internship influence in your life?| Post 5

Even before my internship in Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability I had a strong interest in Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health Science. I have spent the last year and a half talking to professors at the School of Public Health and I also took a couple courses in EHS to introduce myself to the topics and issues related to these fields. My existing interest and strength in these topics drove me to seek out an internship in EHS to explore the topics first-hand. Other than wanting to network and learn important skills in these fields, my number one goal for my upcoming internship was to learn if I chose the right field for myself. I wanted to live a day in the life of an industrial hygienist and an environmental health and safety specialist to see if “the shoe fits”. Many of my previous jobs had not.

I have worked a couple internships in other health related fields, such as supply chain in a consumer healthcare company and as an HR intern at a major hospital in Northwest Michigan. In both positions I was both disappointed and happy to realize that I was not interested in pursuing these positions in my future. I felt like I failed because I spent so much time working in these jobs and came out never wanting to return. But I eventually learned that one of the greatest lessons an aspiring professional should know is that knowing what you don’t want to do for your career is just as important as knowing what you want to do.

Coming out of this internship I had finally succeeded in finding a field and position that suited my interests and inspired me to learn and work harder. This internship taught me new things about myself and my abilities, and most importantly it confirmed all of my interests, my future career and affirmed all of the work I have already put into exploring the fields of IH and EHS.


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