Reflection| #5

Here I am, end of August, looking back and wondering where the time went. Tons of meetings, four months, and a handful of stress internship is done and was extremely worth it! The event I planned all summer turned out to be successful, I’ve gained a huge networking circle, met great people, and gained beneficial skills that I know will help me in the near and far future.

One of the skills I think this internship helped me practice was my time-management and planning skills. Alongside my internship, I was working and taking classes as well. I easily felt like I was overwhelmed at times, but after a few weeks I found myself getting into good habits. I learned what I was personally able of handling, when to do what, and when I needed to step back or ask for help. This was a new idea to me that I struggled to obtain, even before my internship began throughout the past few years. To think that my internship has helped me master something I’ve been wanting to for years has really given me a confidence boost. I now feel as though I can take on more things and balance them well, when before I was scared to tackle projects because I was afraid it would be too much for me to handle!

This is only one example of something my internship has done for me, but I feel as though it has improved my lifestyle in many ways. One of my favorite things about the internship was that I met so many people along the way and got closer to my organization’s existing members which I believe will help us be more efficient in the fall.

Although at first I thought this internship was going to be all stress and work, I was wrong. It has been a great and worthwhile experience for me, and ultimately, benefitted me personally, academically, and professionally!


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