Final Blog Post: Internship Reflection

ADC has been quite of an experience for myself. Is it possible to say that the more experience I have, the less I think I know, and that’s exactly what ADC was for me. When accepted the position as a summer marketing intern, I was excited to use my transferable skills for the position: ranging from my leadership skills, my advertising skills, to recruiting skills all obtained from my college extracurriculars. Yet, there were so much more that I needed to learn and to adapt in order to perform my job well.

From the beginning, I was not quite familiar with the type of industry that ADC was in, the type of partnerships, or the type of clients that I should be approaching. Though there were some guidance from my supervisor in terms of where I should start to research, I have to admit that I was overwhelmed: how much should I know about each company individually? how much should I know about the executive boards of each company? should the search be tailored and more personalized per company? or should the search be in more of a general idea? how much is too general and how much is too detailed? I wasn’t sure. Yet, I was afraid to reach out and to ask for help, unless I knew somewhat of a direction to approach the topic, I didn’t want to be seemed as totally clueless… so majority of the time, I remained silent and continued to struggle.

Of course, this was when my supervisor stepped in. We went through many meetings to figure out the problem and how to improve in the overall process. Through all the discussions, not only have them been helpful in terms of how I can approach the problem differently, but I also get to learn more about myself and what my strengths and weaknesses are.

Because of this internship, I get to find out what truly matters to me in term of my passion, the industry and type of career I want to go into, as well as how I can enhance my performance. Yet…. now I feel like there are so much more that I need to learn and there are so much that I am lacking of in terms of skills and experience. But I guess it is truly fit the saying “the more you learn, the less you know”. 

Til next time.. (:




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