#5 – Finishing the Job (Reflection)

Overall, my internship was amazing! I realized that I actually did what medical students do in their residency when the finish medical school and before they actually start their residency and their careers. I actually got the field work that actual doctors don’t get until they are well finished with school. I got the chance to see what it is actually like to be a doctor in the hospital, an opportunity that I am more than grateful for. I got the chance to do emergency surgeries and procedures that where life saving. This internship gave me the opportunity to learn skills and see what it will be like going through the actual process of being a doctor.
Going forward I can apply what I’ve learned during my internship and apply it to what I will learn in my classes that pertain to the medical field. Doing this internship has also shown me what I have to look forward to and has given me motivation, as I now know what is waiting at the end of my journey.


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