Visual Latina | Blog #2

“Have you found a great mentor? If so, what makes him/her great? Have you developed relationships with work peers or supervisors? What type of programs/initiatives does your company host to foster staff relationships?”


Of all the incredible people I have met while interning here, I would definitely say I have found a mentor — Felipe Vallebella, VP Executive Creative Director. There are many qualities that make him a great mentor. Felipe is an incredibly motivated, ambitious, and creative person. The day my internship ended, Felipe invited me to dinner and shared his story with me (as well as a delicious milanesa and panqueque de banana). He was very honest with me about what he has loved about his job and how he got there, but also the struggles of both where he is as well as the process of getting there. He is extremely hard working and possesses a drive that not many can relate to, thus causing his work to feel lonely (as he expressed to me). His ability to exercise that drive and passion into his work, to the point of what some might call isolation, is incredibly inspiring – not because of its extremity, but because it shows his refusal to settle for anything less than excellence in what he does and who he is. I very much look forward to keeping in touch with him as I do very much consider him a mentor.

I have definitely developed relationships with my work peers and supervisors. I was lucky enough to work with extremely kind, welcoming, and open people. Not only did we share a lot of work, but also many laughs and interesting lunches.

Visual Latina does not really host programs/initiatives to foster staff relationships. There are only 20-30 people working for the agency and working from about 10:00 – 19:00. Some things they do do are hold the occasional merienda (snack of coffee/tea and medialunas/alfajores at 17:00) or sometimes an asado (barbeque) to celebrate a job well done or more work coming in.


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