Shorthanded | #8

Midway through the month of Ramadan, our organizing group shrunk. The volunteers didn’t give up on the project, but many of their families lived nearby and they spent part of the holy month with them. We went from a group of about ten to effectively four. This necessitated strategic delegation of tasks to the remaining volunteers. While I had once been able to assign each person a separate duty, we each juggled three of four to make sure the dinner we hosted was successful. It also compelled me, as the head of the operation, to make sure that each process was being tightly regulated at all times. We had to be more organized that previously, and I could no longer simply expect something to happen (e.g., that someone would bring adequate plates) and compensate for it during the dinner. Setting up, we were shorthanded and had to arrive earlier. Cleaning up took longer, and we even arrived late to the subsequent prayer on some occasions.

All in all, each remaining volunteer stepped up and carried the weight that was needed of them. Without their passion and dedication, the weekly dinners would have ceased midway, and we would never had witnessed the communal growth that occurred during that blessed time.


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