Internship Influence | Blog 4

My experience as an intern at Jackson National Life has shed light on how I envision my future career in several ways. First off, my long-held aspirations of becoming an actuary have been affirmed. I enjoy the work I do and the culture of the department- Jackson is a great place to work, and I can see myself as an actuary here. As we near the end of August, I realize that it’s about time I begin to apply for careers after graduation. I will be applying to several companies, but with the experiences of my internships behind me, I know for a fact Jackson is atop my list. Secondly, the internship has given me a glimpse of what it takes to be successful. While simultaneously passing several challenging actuarial exams, actuaries must also produce highly detailed reports and analyses each and every day. The nature of our work is rather esoteric, but the analytical background of our department allows us to manipulate and evaluate data very thoroughly. To find success, I will need to continue passing actuarial exams and further develop my big data technical skills. I will soon be returning to campus this fall with those goals in mind.


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