How Visual Latina Helped Me Visualize My Future | Blog #5

“How has your internship influenced your (near) future (school, career, or personal plans)?


My internship has not had a huge influence on my school plans specifically (on a purely academic level). My intended major(s), International Studies and possibly Communications Studies hopefully paired with a business minor, are very broad and fall in line with this line of work, thus I plan to continue on that path. This is something I have to reflect on more – how to make International Studies a more practical major with which I can actually find employment as opposed to something I simply find very interesting.

My internship has taught me more about my supposed career interests. While I have definitely enjoyed this internship and would still consider this line of work as my potential starting career, I have discovered that it is not something I am passionate about and is something I might see myself tiring of fairly quickly. That being said, I can very much see myself working with a marketing or advertising agency for a good while. While the pay isn’t very good and it is a lot of work with many many hours, I love the work environment and agency culture. I don’t doubt the possibility of my returning to work with Visual Latina again.

My internship has also substantially influenced my personal plans. It has confirmed and enhanced my desire to live abroad, highlighting Buenos Aires as a potential location. Having tremendously improved my Spanish as well, I plan to much more actively seek people and places in which I can speak more often and connect with the Latin culture I love so much – this being in Ann Arbor and beyond.


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