Faint Memories of Tooth Fairies. | J4

My favorite experience of the summer was when I remembered that teeth fall out.

Every Saturday during June WME held it’s annual summer camp. It was a great opportunity to meet and get to know people in a casual setting outside of the office. We were consolers to children in an inner city elementary school. I was so focused on my goals of success and networking that I was sucker punched by how awesome the kids were. In many ways I’m still just a kid and I really got to dive into the experience. We did arts and crafts, had water balloon fights, created team dances and had a dance competition. We played sports, did relay races, and planted flowers. The kids took our lead and really looked up to us to enhance the experience. The first weekend the kids were split into groups and each week they came back to the same team, my team was the Sea Turtles. Because we were split I really got to connect with the kids in my group. During lunch I sat down with them and they’d tell me about their lives. They spoke about their siblings and how old they were, they asked me my age … 23… You’re OLD!  Kids are still cute enough to operate without a filter.

Then a girl told me about her tooth, and how she had 2 that were about to fall out. I immediately thought, “ OH YEAH that does happen.”

It’d probably been over 10 years since I spent a moment being aware of the fact that teeth fall out, and I could remember my childhood more vividly while holding that awareness. I remembered that period of life when teeth would loosen up and fall out one (or more) at a time, when my list of favorite things in the world would include recess, Toy Story, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I could recall living in a time in my life when I never thought of summer camp as a chance to “expand my network”.

It wasn’t that I literally forgot that teeth fall out, I was just so far removed from my awareness of it. I didn’t realize how long it’d been since I was around kids.  It felt really good to reconnect to that era and cherish the day with the kids.

It was good to have that brief moment… My favorite experience, because when Monday came, and I was back in full suit, focused, running through the halls of WME, I was once again completely removed from the thought of loose teeth.


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