Breaking Bread | #7

Food is amazing. Everyone loves to eat. There is no better way to build a bond than over a meal. This experience has shown me that individuals come together through food, and that, when you get a large number of individuals to do so, a community follows. The irony is that most of Ramadan is about not eating, but fasting. This elevates the value of that timeless necessity, and when we finally have access to it, we transitively highly value our companions breaking bread with us.

Whether it’s a significant other, an old friend, or even an enemy, eating together almost guarantees positive vibes. It can be more meaningful than a store-bought gift, especially if the meal itself is homemade. Making food is also a rich experience. A meal made with love is undoubtedly much more appreciated by the cook as well as the guests, and that appreciation also translates to building bonds between people. I’m just so fascinated by this medium to quickly make friends!


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