Blog post 3

I have had many experiences during this summer’s internship that have stuck out to me as being extra special. I specifically work in a building where Federal Air Marshalls are trained and evaluated. They work on things such a shooting accuracy and hostage management situations. Because of this, there are a few buildings nearby that include gun ranges and simulators. One of the first days that I was there, my boss and a few of his colleagues took myself and a few other new employees on a tour of the facilities. We had the chance to get an inside look at how Air Marshals train and the types of maneuvers that they are expected to be able to perform on the job.

After our tour, I was given the opportunity to take some shooting lessons with one of the marksmen that was working the gun range at the time. Admittedly, I was a little nervous, and definitely intimidated considering that the air marshals that practice at this range have some of the highest shooting accuracies in the country, but after a few instructions, I was able to (somewhat) hit a target! It was really interesting to listen to the intense conditions in which air marshals must train to use their weapons. It is a job that requires the upmost accuracy under the upmost pressure, however, watching these guys do these things in action (or at least simulations) made it look like it was so easy for them! I feel really lucky that I got to have that inside look and learn a thing or two!


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