Blog 4 – Topic 4: Bonnie, My Role Model

Bonnie is the executive director of Peace Neighborhood Center. From what I have observed, Bonnie’s day consists of transporting the kids, negotiating with donors and interested parties, speaking with parents, and interacting with the kids. Despite his busy schedule, I have observed Bonnie consistently make meaningful interactions with each of the different groups of people represented at PNC, from the kids, the staff, and even the mentors such as myself. Because of Bonnie’s extensive experience at PNC and working with kids, he has developed a talent of being a kind-hearted, yet stern teacher and role model. His presence is one that the kids automatically respect, whether that is because of his close contact with their parents or their respect for him as teacher, is unknown. However, his presence, and especially his voice, exude confidence, demand respect, yet is not delivered angrily. His booming voice quiets an entire room of 75 kids almost immediately, when moments earlier another staff member would struggle to do so. He is able to be both understanding, compassionate, and serious when the situation calls for it. He is open about his emotions and has not hesitated to tell us all that he often cries over some situations he comes into contact with. This quality of being willing to open up, be empathetic in the deepest sense, and sacrifice his free time, and sometimes money, to help others is extremely admirable. It shows his passion for his work – a passion I hope to have towards my work someday.


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