A Glance Back | #Final

Interning for The Felicity Foundation has been an absolutely amazing experience. I have grown in so many different ways. I’ve improved my weaknesses and refined my strengths. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the community, and feel blessed that it was in the way I like best–programming. This has taught me the value of persistence, dedication, passion, community, faith, and even food! I have grown much closer to many of my new friends, and it has even led to the strengthening of a bond between two organizations on campus.

This experience has also taught me that this is a very feasible way for me to serve the community in the future. In addition to my career, I want to spend some time contributing to my future community’s growth by providing services and resources in whatever capacity appropriate. Serving Ann Arbor’s Muslims during Ramadan, providing a place and food with which to break fast has affirmed for me that I would love this type of work. I am excited to continue pursuing opportunities like these and am eternally grateful for this one.


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