Woman in Business | #3

Badass – I’m pretty sure that’s the only way I can explain my boss. This summer I have been so fortunate to work for a small advertising company owned by three amazing woman. Only about 10% of all media agencies are run by woman, even though woman are responsible for about 80% of consumption. It’s awesome to be able to work closely with three powerful woman, all of whom still manage to have outside life’s, as well as a powerful position. Since, the company I work for is fairly small, I have been able to form a fairly close relationship with my boss, Amanda, who I greatly look up to.

As a woman, who wants to work in the business world, I understand how difficult it can for woman to succeed, due to business being very male dominated. I have always dreamt of having both a career, as well as a family. In business, it tends to be frowned upon to be a working mother, even though it’s perfectly fine to be a working father. All of my bosses have managed to build a successful company AND have had families. During the summer, Amanda will bring her kids into the office for about an hour before they go to their camp. I absolutely love that she brings her kids into the office. I guess, some could view that as unprofessional, but I think she is being a great role model for her two girls. She really shows that you can do it all. Besides just being a great mother, she is awesome, as her job too, and definitely doesn’t put up with anyone’s nonsense. Amanda has really shown me that you can have it all and you definitely don’t have to choose between family and a career.

Also, before I started working at Uproar, I did not realize that woman ran only 10% of media agencies. I definitely knew that the numbers were very uneven, but I could not believe how drastically different they were. This has made me really want to enter the industry and continue to strive towards changing woman’s roles within business. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


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