“The Intern” – Embrace It


As many job organizations go, the intern is typically the newest member of any team. Just like being a freshman in college or the newest student in your class, some things never change: starting out, you usually have no idea what you’re doing.

At the beginning of my internship, I very much felt this way, and it was daunting. Not only had I had no marketing or business experience, but I had just landed in a foreign country and felt like I could barely figure out the metro, let alone surpass expectations at work. It was hard joining a team where most members had been there for at least a year, but rather than feeling overwhelmed by being new, I chose to embrace it.

I forgave myself for not having prior experience and didn’t let that get in the way of how I chose to handle my tasks. Instead of worrying about sounding dumb or asking a basic question, I simply got over it and took risks. The outcome? I felt like I was enhancing my own creativity and self confidence, not being afraid of making mistakes but rather being more concerned with not trying.

As “the intern,” I let myself be OK with being the newbie, and opened up the opportunity to learn instead of constantly try to look impressive. As a result, I feel as though I proved myself to be a more genuine, hard-working, contributive co-worker who others enjoyed being around. This benefitted myself as well as the company.


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