The greatest things in life are those that are unexpected | Blog 3

Surprises, some people love some absolutely love them. I’m one of those that favor surprises. I feel that surprises add an exciting aspect to my life. While not all surprises are good this surprise about my internship was on of those great surprises that made my internship more exciting and made me enjoy my internship way more. I came into my internship thinking that the relationship with my mentor would be normal, he would be my boss and I would respect him and that was it. The most surprising thing about my internship was how close I became to my mentor and my coworkers.

To my surprise, I grew to love everyone I worked with. We became a big family. We would hang out outside of the lab and the friendships we build made the working environment more enjoyable. Building a great relationship with my mentor lead to great things. He started to trust me with more responsibility around the lab. My coworkers relied on me and it made us work better as a team. There are many surprises in life and I am glad that I came upon this amazing surprise.


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