Interns Love Chickens | Blog #4

One of my favorite memories throughout my entire internship is of the time I spent the night at my friend Paige’s house. Paige is another one of the company’s interns. She goes to MIT. She’s very smart, welcoming, funny, and she lives very close to the office so she invited me to spend the night a few times to save me the two-hour drive to and from work.

That night she also invited Ford over for dinner. Ford is the other intern; he goes to Notre Dame. We had tacos for dinner and bonded over college stories and a game of long darts. We met Paige’s incredibly cute Bantam chickens, her Silky chicken, and her baby rabbit. Then we headed out to downtown Huntington Beach to have dessert at the Ruby’s on the pier. We had a wonderful conversation about the kind of relationships people at work have with each other: how smoothly everything flows, how much trust there is, the kind of leadership everyone shows at the office. We all agreed that we would look for nothing less when the time comes to get a job. I remember feeling immensely fortunate to be surrounded by such intelligent, driven, supportive people. thumb_IMG_5496_1024


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