I Know Where I’m Going |#5

My summer internship with Target has absolutely flown by, and while I am sad that it has come to an end I am even more excited because now I know where I am going.

This summer internship did exactly what an internship is meant to do – it gave me the opportunity to experience what a full time job in the industry is like. Over the past ten weeks I spent time learning how to run the human resource work center, which includes staffing, team engagement, team member development, scheduling, and payroll. This is not, however, an all-inclusive list as business needs can change from one day to the next.

The internship leaders stress how important it is for all of the interns to think critically about their time with the company over the summer to determine if retail is something they are interested in or not. On the other side, the intern leaders assess the interns throughout and at the end of the summer to gauge whether or not they are well-suited for the business. I am excited to say that we have all agreed retail is a good fit for me, and after graduation I will be returning to Target full time as an Executive Team Leader in Human Resources.

Three years ago when I started college I really did not know where I was going, and I could not have guessed that it would be a career in retail. My internship last summer at Indiana Beach Amusement Park and my internship this year with Target have helped me figure out what my biggest interests are and what things I am not so interested in, and now I know where I am going.


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