Home Way from Home | Blog 9

 I grew up in Cairo, Egypt. So I was used to the huge city and I loved it. Egypt had always brought many people from all over the world together in one place and I have always enjoyed seeing it. However, when I was ten my mom wanting a better future for us and we moved to Reed City, Michigan. People always ask us why Reed City?? My mom would always just say fait brought us here. Most people don’t know where Reed City is and I don’t blame them. I never felt home there but when I was accepted into the University of Michigan I was excited to move to the great city of Ann Arbor.

Throughout the year I grew more and more in love with the city. I was home for two weeks and I was counting down the days till I moved back. I have to say nothing is better than a summer in Ann Arbor. The city is always awake and there are always something going on. The music festival and the Art Fair played a huge role of why I love Ann Arbor so much. The fact that it brings so many together from all over the country made it feel like home. Ann Arbor is my home and I would not want to go anywhere else.


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