Fork in the Road | Blog #5

One of my favorite discussions I had with our CEO was about life choices. It stemmed from my informal assignment to read Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” The message was pretty straightforward: take the road less traveled and you will go places only few have ever been. But Mr. K. wasn’t focused on the outcome – the places. He wanted to talk about the process – the choices. “There are choices made by us and there are choices made for us,” he started. And he continued to give me examples of choices in his life that he had control over and choices he didn’t have control over. We talked about how there’s no way to know which choice was the right choice until you’ve almost completely followed through with it. And even if you end up making an impractical choice, you can look at it like a waste of time or you can look at it like an experience that resulted in growth. However, the most important point he made in that conversation was the secret to all decision-making is to choose the path that will diverge into the largest amount of future paths. I’ll remember that advice forever.

I gained so much wisdom sitting in that man’s office listening to his experiences and noting down his advice. I value his words so highly and I am infinitely grateful to have spent the time I did with him and his company.


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