Detroit, You’ve Been Good to Me| Final Topic

When I looked back at my first blog post I was actually really surprised at how close my expectations were at the beginning of my internship to the reality that played out over the last 10 weeks.  My first post was very optimistic, I was hoping that I would learn a lot and get to experience many new things. I hoped I would get a real sense of the communities and the people I would be working with. I wanted to make sure that I made a real contribution and made a tangible impact. I truly do feel like I accomplished all of that and more.It has been such an amazing experience.

Something I hadn’t really put a lot of emphasis on in my first post was building relationships with my peers and my co-workers. I feel as though the relationships I built this summer were so important in shaping the experiences that I got from this program. I specifically have really valued the relationship that I have been able to build with my supervisor. I truly feel that I have found a great mentor and friend in her. She sincerely cares about her staff and she has expressed that she wants to be as big of a help as she can in my life as I plan my career path once I leave Brilliant Detroit. She truly has taught me so much over the course of the summer both professionally and personally and I will always keep the advice she gave with me.

Because of the support and appreciation that I have received from my supervisor and the people that I worked with , I truly felt like the work that I did this summer was meaningful and that I really made a difference this summer. All of the things that I learned I know I will take with me in some way in my future endeavors. This summer was truly the most amazing summer I have ever had. The experience was something that I would not trade for the world.


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