Bird Center: Post #4

Topic 7 – Share a story, thought, etc. from your internship.

Although the Bird Center specializes in the rehabilitation of songbirds like robins, bluejays, and sparrows, we often receive calls from the public regarding situations with waterfowl or raptors. In most cases we refer these larger birds to rehabilitators that specialize in waterfowl or raptors. However, sometimes the rescuer is unable to transport the bird to the right rehabilitator, so we care for it at our center until we are able to transfer it.

We recently received a call about a nest of 3 green heron hatchlings that fell out of a tree. The nest was unable to be put back in the tree, so it was brought to our center. We examined each baby and found that while 2 of them were clinically healthy, the third was unable to move its toes and probably had a fracture of some kind. We fed them some of our baby bird formula and because of their size ate about 3 times as much as one of our typical songbird babies. Because our center doesn’t specialize in waterfowl like herons, we contacted Howell Nature Center to see if we could transfer them to their wildlife clinic. Fortunately, they were able to take them in, so I drove the 3 little herons to Howell where they will be cared for until they’re healthy and eating on their own.



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