Alumni Night | #5

Alumni Night was, by far, my favorite event our internship hosted. This summer, the Felicity Foundation, in collaboration with the Muslim Student Association, hosted three dinners a week for those fasting during the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan. One of those nights, we advertised as Alumni Night–Taco-Tuesday–Bonanza!

I love organizing, and planning that animal of an event was the time of my life. We made sure we contacted all of our friends, alumni, community members, and staff that would be willing to promote the event for us. We sent emails, posted on social media, and finally got everyone riled up and ready to see old friends and eat tacos.

The attendance was overwhelming. We ran out of food! I was so grateful for our trusty group of volunteers that made sure we were constantly stocked on eating utensils, plates, cups, drinks, and even ordered pizza when our taco meat ran out. It was really hectic, but it was super rewarding to see all of our new and old friends enjoying themselves, and seeing a community grow closer together and to the Divine.


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