A Lifelong Impact | Final Topic

As I have been done with my internship for a few days, I have been putting a lot of thought in just how much my experience has impacted my life. While reminiscing about the eight weeks that I spent working at a domestic violence shelter, I realized just how lucky I got with this specific internship. Not only did I have an incredible staff that I worked alongside with every day but I also got to push myself to be a better intern and person. I have had a lot of experience with Domestic Harmony in the past, yet I did not know just how big of a change that it could make in my life. So these are some of the ways that Domestic Harmony has impacted me in my professional, academic, and personal aspects of life.

I have learned to be more compassionate and patient.

This is a really big positive change that I have made in my personal life. Whether I end up in the social work world or the psychology world, I will have a career in which I will be working with people. I have always been pretty good at understanding people’s different situations and trying to help them in any way that I can. However, after working with clients that come from extreme levels of poverty, substance abuse, and more I have learned that is extremely important to go that extra mile to make sure that the person you are working with feels comfortable so that they will be willing to come back whenever they need help. So while this seems like a small step to many people, it is a huge change for me as it will allow me to constantly become better at working with people.

It has made the world of social work more prevalent in my life.

I have always known that social workers are very important components of the career world but I never realized just how much they do for society. There are social workers for children, elderly people, mentally ill people, and more. They are the most selfless people I have ever met- they give up extra hours, money, and energy to do whatever they can with making the world a better place. While working alongside these incredible women, I got to see just how challenging their work is and it made me appreciate them even more. As I gained more knowledge about all of the things that social workers can do, it made the possible career choice even more appealing. While this is an incredible route to help people, I have always considered social work as a possible future career. So now that I understand how amazing social workers are, I will always try to be involved in that work to some level, and perhaps it will even become my career.

I have learned to appreciate what I have and how to give back to others.

I have always attempted to be a humble person in life because I have been through quite a bit of hardships of my own. While I know what it is like to go without, some of the women I worked with had it significantly worse than me. They have had to go without food, water, shelter, and the support they deserve. Watching them go through all of this while still working towards their goals and having a kind demeanor, it really inspired me. Between the clients and the staff, I have learned that having goals is more important than having materialistic things; they also taught me that having the love and support from someone you admire is worth more than any amount of money. As I have watched people grow from these few things that they have, it has motivated to do more on my end to help the less fortunate. After being able to provide some assistance, whether materialistic or not, to those who need it, it has really proven to me that it is not necessary to have such an excess of stuff when there are so many people who have nothing. So while I am able to, I will always try to give back to those who need it so that maybe one day they can do the same. Perhaps, this will be the right way to get the world and its inhabitants back on track for becoming a better place with kinder people.

So while some of my fellow Wolverines gained maybe just money or resume information from their internships, I have gained an improvement in my life. I have gained many useful skills that I will continue to use each and every day; I have also gained insight on how to be a more beneficial contribution to the world. From the hours that I have spent in Domestic Harmony, I have gained a lifetime’s worth of hope and motivation for change. So now that my internship is over and I am finishing my final blog, I hope you all have gained something from reading this- whether it was just a few minutes of joyful reading or some inspiration, I really appreciate being able to participate in my internship with the help of Domestic Harmony and LSA.



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