The (Final) Return to Space


Now that Japanese is finally over and the summer starts to wind down, I have but one question to ask myself: Do I go outside or not? If it were not for the need to go to work and the occasional research meeting, I would probably not go outside which in my opinion is the primary goal of mankind. However, because social standards and housemates’ expectations of me, I must persevere the dangerous outside world.

That’s kind of an analogy for space if you think about it for a bit. Why should us humans leave earth if everything outside earth is so dangerous and scary? There is an argument to be made here but I’m on the side of getting off this planet as soon as possible, which hopefully some day I can help lead the frontier on this topic.

Aside from continuous digressions and the ever shrinking list of things I’ve yet to watch on YouTube and Netflix, research has been progressing as normal. Just today I talked to my professor and I’ll continue doing some research into the next term. Hopefully I’ll have a paper published by the end of this school year!

Well, it’s been fun posting here for you all this summer, and hopefully everyone’s was great!


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