Learning to Be an Adult(ish Person) | #5


College is an experience unlike anything else in life. More specifically, college is not like adulthood. Classes, homework, and the day-to-days of college students are, by in large, an abstract concept when compared to adult life. Sleeping in late, having Fridays off, and taking naps in between classes are foregone for a steady salary, predictable schedule, and (hopefully) no exams.

It is almost ironic, then, that my first real taste of adulthood came with my summer internship at LSA DMC. Going through the rigors of a normal work schedule, an adult-esque office environment, and the social phenomenon that is the office meeting has been very enlightening. Only through an internship like this could a college student like myself really understand what these experiences are like.

Despite the seriousness of this summer’s work, as well as its impact on my perspective as a soon-to-be graduate, it was reassuring to know that leaving college doesn’t mean the fun part of life is over. Finding a job (like this internship) that allows me to maintain a personality both in my office and in my work itself means that the adult nature of work won’t kill the youth that one finds in college.

If there’s one takeaway I can gather from this summer, it’s that, even after graduation, the work doesn’t have to stomp out the play from life. In fact, graduation really just opens up a new form of play. (See real world example below created for my internship this summer.)


Play is imor-turtle.



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