Learning on the Job| #3

This summer, my internship with The Felicity Foundation charged us with organizing campus-wide programs for Ramadan.

Our vision for Ramadan, the Islamic Holy Month in which worshippers refrain from food, drink, and any thoughts or actions that distract from the Divine, was one that would bring the Ann Arbor community together. We hoped to throw on potlucks and catered dinners for those fasting, as well as a prayer and celebration on Eid Al-Fitr, the holiday following Ramadan.

Unexpectedly, programming is a TON of work. I had no clue how much there was to actually do! We had to book rooms, set up food logs, order catered food, purchase eating utensils, etc., etc. I led the entire operation, and so I had to keep all the moving parts in mind and coordinate each member of the organizing committee, and keep the boat afloat at all times. All decisions were made with the approval of the majority of the organizing committee. I was also caught off-guard by the number of attendants we had. The pattern was interesting–a huge turnout in the first week, a dip in the second week, a near drought in the third, and a peak in the last week. Lastly, I was overcome by every single committee member’s dedication to community service. It was an honor to work with each of them to bring together the community and witness each shade of their passion.


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