Final Thoughts

As my internship comes to an end, I cannot help but be thankful for all I have learned, the people I have met and the new sense of direction I gained.

This summer I learned that it truly is the people that make your company and your time spent working enjoyable. Being a part of the Marketing Department allowed me to meet individuals with many talents and interests; some similar to mine and some brand new. I am most fortunate that the team made me feel included from the get go. Initially I worried I may be the typical coffee running intern, but in reality I was asked to conduct research, assist in projects and re-write or write my own content among many other things. Being the youngest on the team, I was most thankful that I had a mentor to guide me through the summer. From him I improved my communication skills, learned to be more independent at a company and was introduced to resources relevant to my career path.

As for what I learned, well this Internship was my first experience in the broad world of marketing. At CUSG, the Marketing Department has specific roles for each of their employees but being an Intern I received exposure to many things. I think the ability to say I have experience in branding, content creation, editing, research, Analytics, keyword search, etc. will compliment both my education and future professional endeavors.

From this Internship I have discovered I am interested in pursuing the Marketing field. I enjoy the strategy and creativeness that it takes to be a part of this field. Long gone are the days where I believed I could sit at a desk and crunch numbers all day or stare at a computer for hours. I enjoy the collaboration and fast-pace of being in a team that ultimately represents a brand.

Finally, I am fortunate that this Internship has already opened new doors for me. As of next week I will be a remote Brand Management Intern for a different department. My work in the Marketing Department allowed for the SVP of HR Performance to believe I was capable of handling content, modernizing their brand, assisting in their online presence and even analyzing their half a million dollar budget. I could not be more thankful for the opportunity I had at CUSG.




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