Final Post | #5

My time as a Finance intern at Ford Motor Company was very valuable to my personal growth. Over the course of the 12 weeks, I was able to grow and develop into a more professional version of myself. I learned a lot; about business culture and more specifically Ford culture. I was exposed to various new settings and situations, through day-to-day activities. In all, my time at Ford has made a lasting impact on my life. 

First, I was able to gain and develop skills that are necessary in any professional setting. I learned how important effective communication was, since my project wouldn’t be able to move forward without it. I also learned about collaboration, since I worked with many different individuals to make sure my project did come to fruition. Furthermore, I learned that problem solving comes into play on a regular basis, and it’s very important to shift your plan if it makes the most sense. Lastly, I also developed my leadership skills, since I had to opportunity to run a few meetings, that pertained to my project. Thus, I was able to develop and build upon my skills though my internship experience.

Next, one of my personal goals was to learn more about the finance industry, and see if that would be a good career choice for me. My time at Ford definitely exposed me to a variety of positions and the diverse array of jobs available to an employee in finance. I was also exposed to the work a finance analyst would be doing on a daily basis. This really helped clear any doubts I had about finance, and I am very much considering a career in finance for my future. 

All in all, I would say that my time at Ford developed me into a more professional and confident version of myself. I was able to see myself grow from my first week, until my last week, in which I had to present to higher level management. This internship has definitely impacted my life, and I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities I have had!


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