Blog 4

The last few weeks in DC have been great. Along with the other interns, I attended a discussion at the Atlantic Council on the topic of French Leadership in Post-Brexit. Ambassador Gerard Araud was the honorary speaker. He extensively discussed the rule of Europe in Ukraine’s future. Present were also former Ambassador to Ukraine. John Herbst. Although the discussion heavily centered on politics, it was striking to see how common problems connect Europe and the United States. No matter what viewpoint each speaker presented, they insisted on unity and respect among all nations.

At the Foundation, we have made significant progress preparing for our event. The presentation booklets are almost complete, and most of the speakers have been confirmed. This should be such an exciting event for the Ukrainian community in the United States. Leaders, politicians, and professional from around the country will gather to discuss Ukraine’s current progress and future.
I am still continuing to explore DC. There are so many place to go to!! I have been having a lot of fun with the other interns! They are all wonderful colleagues. As my internship comes to an end, it will definitely be sad to say goodbye to them.

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