#4 – First Time for Everything

There is a first time for everything, and in the medical field not everything goes as planned. As a doctor and surgeon, your job in a hospital is to do everything possible that you can to help the patient in every way. But sometimes, doing you best still is not enough. I  quickly learned that even in medical field, especially as a surgeon everything can’t always be perfect. One day, it was a normal day in the operating room. It’s not like how you see on TV where it’s almost always tense an very stressful. Its calm and peaceful, but at the same time its still serious because you have to keep in much that this is someones life that is in your hands. But it was a normal day for operating, a Monday to be precise, and we were doing a lower lumbar fusion. Normally that type of procedure is done when the patient has some degeneration in their disks in their spine, and during the procedure we take out the degenerated disk and replace them with artificial disks. They are ten set in place and as the patient recovers from the surgery, the artificial disks grow into the spine like normal disks.

But the next day, when I returned to the office in the morning, my mentor told me that the patient we had operated on had died a few hours after surgery. Just literally out of nowhere. It was at that moment that I learned that things like this happen in this field and   in order to be able to handle them I have to be mentally prepared.


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