Reflection | Post #5

Summer 2016 has been a truly unforgettable chapter in my life. Writing for Musée Magazine has been both a challenge and a pleasure. While I do not necessarily think that I have found my true calling in life in print media, I have learned many valuable lessons in the course of my internship, and, furthermore, made many lasting friendships. The people I have met, both in my office and while exploring the city, have truly changed my life for the better, and I think I am walking away with a solid network in the city of my dreams.

I think that my internship will prove to be a critical stepping-stone in my career, having both shaped my work ethic and creative process as well as my professional aspirations. I have witnessed firsthand many jewels of wisdom in the art industry, and also accrued a list of mistakes to avoid in the future.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to stretch my wings and follow my aspirations wherever they might lead this summer, and am overjoyed to have landed in the place that I did. I think that I am walking away from this experience with my head held high, knowing that I made the most of my summer and have grown exponentially as a person and a professional.


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