Reflecting Back on my Summer

A couple of weeks have passed since I ended my 12 week internship, and the chaos that accompanies the end of the summer has arrived: packing, moving, finding a place to stay in between leases, setting up utilities…oh and also sending thank you’s to those who made your internship possible.

My program held a showcase and closing ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of the 26 D-SIP interns, this event allowed me to feel pride in the work I had competed this summer but most importantly grateful for the guidance, advice and encouragement I had received. Several members of my office, as well as many of my friends came to support  me and that felt truly amazing. Upon reflection, my program did place a great amount of emphasis on giving thanks to those who enrich us, and lift us up– this is not common in an internship program geared towards undergraduate students. I was given the tools to successfully thank the people who will propel my professional life but also for the people who allow my personal life to remain stable and fulfilled.


I am grateful for the LSA Internship Office, who in assisting funding my internship experience, gave me these many gifts. I will continue to promote D-SIP and the work of the LSA, as I pursue my future internships, careers, goals!



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