Keep the Fire in your Belly | Blog #5

My internship was an absolute blessing. I couldn’t ask God for anything better and now I see why he does what he does. He knows what he’s doing! I absolutely loved my team. Everyone was so helpful and supportive. They even connected me and referred me to some employees and other companies for summer internships. They opened doors for me!. I saw and did somethings that no other intern there has ever done. My ambition and curiosity paid off.

I was able to develop very great relationships with some people on my team. They gave me their personal contact information and gifts to help me with this semester of college. One of my coworkers actually got me a card that said “Keep the Fire in your Belly,” which is why I made that my blog topic. She told me to never stop being ambitious and fighting for what I want. She says that I have something great and unique that will get me far in the medical field. I know that my ability to navigate Microsoft Excel has definitely improved and I was able to get certified in a purchasing interface.

I loved my internship, I loved the company, I loved the people. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anyone elses.


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