Detroit, MI | Blog #4

I was able to attend the Pancakes and Politics Breakfast help at the Detroit Athletic Club on June 16, 2016. At this breakfast they had a panelist of young entrepreneurs and you people heavily involved in the community. They discussed topics focused around recreating Detroit and making it a better city, focusing on the growth and development of Detroit’s young people, and making it a loving and diverse city again.

Even though I am a Detroit native, born and raised, this dialogue was very interesting for me to hear and there were things brought up that I never thought about or just had no idea that they were actually happening in my hometown. Detroit is hurt and it is beginning to lose it’s spark. There are a drastic amount of homeless individuals and abandoned buildings that just need some TLC, time, and guidance. Henry Ford Health System is the largest health system in the city of Detroit and does a lot for the community. They actually assisted me in paying for college through granting me with a scholarship my senior year of high school.

Attending this event and hearing about the downfalls and hidden potential caused me to want to help my city. It caused me to want to do my best and succeed in college to make a way for those that will come behind me. It inspired me to use my leadership skills and talent to contribute to the city and pay all of the blessings that I received forward. Yes, my city is in trouble, but I am not going to just leave it hanging. I will fight the fight to get it back to where it used to be. I will be there for the next generation coming after me.


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