Racquet Up Visualized: #4

The image above can represent my internship. It represents what the organization’s mission is, what students gain from it, and what huge impact it has left lingering in my soul.

The photograph is from the last field trip I took with students and shows a garden of flowers located at the Dequindre Cut mile walk of graffiti and street art in Detroit. Pictured are three students of the program and a staff member. The flowers in the photo represent my blossoming as a person from this experience. It’s difficult to express with words my gratitude for Racquet Up and the Semester in Detroit program. I’m filled with emotion whenever I think about times when I was unsure of who I was, what I wanted to do in life, and what my purpose was and compare it to where I am now and how much I’ve grown, much like the flowers. They’re bright, and so long as they have the sunlight and water to support them, they’ll keep growing. Those at Racquet Up, my students, and my Semester in Detroit cohort & mentors were my sunlight and water.

The students and staff member in the photo represent the work performed by the Racquet Up program. It all started with people who care about communities and the future of our youth. The fact that the picture was taken on a local street where art lives shows just how resilient communities can be. Through squash, mentorship and tutoring, the caring individuals at Racquet Up inspire growth and aid in our youth’s blossoming everyday.


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