Kept Going! #3

As days went by, I was always given papers to scan and scan. I spend most of my time standing in front of the scanner scanning away. It was challenging at first to stand there and scan a lot of papers because people would walk by and stare at me scanning away. I would always feel embarrassed about scanning lots of paper, but then I have slowly gotten used it. Like before, after scanning I had to file the papers in their folders in the drawers.

Snapchat-7188731608521194879Now back on the computer I go to rename the files I have scanned and move them to the appropriate folder on the computer. That meant hours of sitting and staring at a desktop, but I’ve tried my best to hurry and finish it for the best results. Outside of all those hard working tasks, the best part was to go outside for lunch everyday and I would spend my time walking around the beautiful city of Chicago.


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