Internship Influence – Getting an offer!

I had such an incredible experience at Salesforce this summer and the impact that it has had on my future plans has been enormous. From the first week at Salesforce, I knew that it was a special place that I would absolutely want to work full time when I graduated. I was working on a team that did not hire entry level positions because of the level of functional knowledge needed to be effective. This presented a somewhat large obstacle for me to fulfill my goal of working at Salesforce full time. I met with my manager, who was committed to finding the right place for me, and set up a plan for which teams to talk to in order to understand the business and find a place that was a mutual fit.

This involved completely getting out of my comfort zone and setting up meetings with people who I didn’t know just to chat about their role and my career goals. I was very nervous going into my first networking meeting, but was relieved to talk to someone who was so interested in what I was doing and willing to give me valuable advice. From there, I set up five or so more meetings with people who my manager looked up to and respected. This was probably the most valuable and informative part of my experience at Salesforce– just being able to talk to people who had been in my shoes before and how they navigated their career.

Talking to these people not only gave me important perspectives and advice, but eventually led to me finding a place in Salesforce that I felt was a good mutual fit. I communicated this with the team and with my recruiter, and it led to a full time offer with Salesforce! I am very excited that I will be able to return to Salesforce and San Francisco after I graduate and am very glad I was able to step outside of my comfort zone to make it happen.


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