Exceeding My Expectations – Blog Post #1

As I began my internship, I really did not know what to expect. I had heard the experiences of previous interns that were unchallenged from the work due to the large Congressional offices which often do not allow interns to receive the challenging work. However, walking in to Congresswoman Lawrence’s office on day one, I knew that wouldn’t be my experience. As a first term Congresswoman, Congresswoman Lawrence had one of the smaller offices among the 435 Congressional offices in the three House office buildings. This meant that only seven full-time staffers were able to work in the Congresswoman’s Washington, D.C. office – the Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, Press Secretary, Senior Legislative Assistant, Legislative Assistant, Legislative Correspondent, and Scheduler. I immediately realized that this experience would be far different from the interns in offices with 20+ staffers, each of which was looking to impress their boss. Instead, the office was the most friendly, collaborative environment I had ever worked at. I was welcomed by the Chief of Staff and the Legislative Director personally sat me down to discuss my responsibilities and goals for the internship. Then, barely three hours into my first day on the job, I was asked to produce a research memorandum on charter schools in the U.S., Michigan, and, most specifically, Detroit. To say the least, I knew this would be the experience of a lifetime.


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