Topic 7 – Share a story, thought, etc. from your internship.

With the upcoming November elections, the political debates are very prominent in the office. What I found most interesting about the office is two individuals can be having extremely polarizing beliefs (whether it be economics/ immigration/ social issues/ Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter), and yet seem to be the best of friends during lunch. This is interesting, at least to me, because for most of my undergraduate education- friendship groups were often heavily determined by political ideologies/beliefs (so much so that if someone were to post a political Facebook status, someone with opposing views would comment “unfriending”). I found it fascinating that adults in the office can have beliefs that they swear by, and swear to be the better of the two, yet still come to the understanding that neither of their positions can be fully established. 

The November elections were also important because my boss was running for circuit judge! Seeing how much he cares for the youth and the underserved, I had high hopes he could win (if you meet him personally, it would have been hard not to vote for him)! I got a rare glimps of what running for office was like. It also showed me the importance of networking- because through that he managed to get free radio time (which is very expensive). At the same time, it made me aware of how expensive running for office was. For much of my life, I assumed the bad part about losing an election, was well…losing. I now realized the amount of money that is invested into an election. It made me aware that when individuals are running for office, they are running to gain a position- but also to make sure their money wasn’t lost (for smaller government positions- much of the election cost comes from out of pocket). This made it all the more hard when my boss did not receive the amount of votes needed.

Overall, I experienced a side of politics I’ve never witnessed before, and made me all the more aware of what it entails. I am also glad to know that people with different political beliefs don’t allow those differences to come between the respect for one another and basic friendships.



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