Aldermanic Reflection


The first day I walked into the office I had no idea what tasks I was going to do. Then, I found out my supervisor, the education liaison in the community was going to leave the office. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me but where would I start and how would my fellow co-workers treat me. The Alderman and his staff are all at least 20 years older than me although, all the interns where younger than me.

My internship position is titled “community outreach intern” but I learned not to define my position with the title. The assignments given to me where not described to me on a weekly basis or in my job title. My assignments were given to me on a daily basis and would commence as soon as I arrived in the office. My co-workers wanted to promote the youth in the neighborhood and we would go on to promote the youth by creating ice cream socials and having a teen council. The age gap between our co-workers was a non-factor in our relationship as friends and if I ever needed anything they would help me. I now know that if I ever need anything, I can call them as a family to support me with my future aspirations or if they need any support from a fellow community member. 

The education liaison led me to conceptualize the amount of work politics takes from a person and what I have to do if I want a future in politics. My career aspirations have blossomed with the help of my co-workers motivation to help a city with a need for positive change and a need for supportive politicians. The current state affairs has created a time and space for new politicians with innovative movements to better daily problems. 

Hope has risen from the small seed of an internship with an Alderman who defies the negativity politicians’ get. The Alderman would not be able to do what he does with out the support of great people around him. From these people, I have learned how to handle people who are enraged with rats in the alleys, upset by the lack in maintenance of trees, locating activities for all their youth, etc. One of my co-workers told me to “kill them with kindness” no matter if the person are yelling at you or praising you. All of the generations need a fortification of support from people they can look up to. There is a need for people to step up to the plate and be this support for all the constituents. I now love my community more than I have before and I know who I want to be, a person who serves to better a community aspiring to provide love and peace.


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