Week 5|Reflection

I didn’t think this day would come so soon. As I approached my final days in Hong Kong, I was sad. I didn’t want to leave. The amount of experience I had gained from this internship would more than I had expected. I now know medical terms in Chinese, office culture, professionalism and my life goals. Also working at the medical clinic I was exposed  to the wonders of traditional Chinese medicine through the use herbal medicine. Of course, the field of Chinese medicine is still very new to me, but the exposure I was able to obtain sparked a great interest in me. Without this opportunity to participate in this internship, I would never have discovered and learned about this field, therefore I am forever grateful  for the Internship Networking for making this opportunity possible.

This internship also showed me the differences in healthcare between American and Hong Kong and diverse career paths of the medical field that I had never knew about before.

Not only did I make new friends who shared the love of medicine with me, but I was able to absorb the amazing culture of Hong Kong. Before I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field. However, my internship has reassured me that becoming a doctor is right for me. I know a long and hard path is ahead of me. It is important to not give up and that all the hard work I put in now will pay off in the future. I can not wait to see what the future has in store for me and I truly am thankful for this internship opportunity Umich has given me.



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