Week 4| Fast pace lifestyle

What have you learned about the city in which you are working?  Would you like to return?

These past 4 weeks living in Hong Kong, I have learned people, including kids as young as 2 do not sleep.

It was 11pm. I was tired and drained from a long week of work. However, it being Friday I decided to grab dinner with some friends and explore the amazing city of Hong Kong. As I walked along Temple Street, I was amazed at the number of young children roaming about. Temple Street is most well known for being one of Hong Kong’s livest and largest night markets. Tourist often come to embrace the night market culture as well as to shop for cheap clothes, watches, pirated CDs, footwear, etc. The best part though, everything is up for a bargain. Although it was very late at night, the night market was extremely lively and there were people ranging from all ages. From families with babies to married couples, everyone came to shop and eat. It was a great to experience the bustling atmosphere and the smells and tastes of the street food!

At times, the loudness  was overwhelming. The street was not that wide to begin with and the addition of the street vendors made the walking path very narrow. For the whole night I was bumped here and there as I made my way around the market. The journey into Temple Street allowed me to experience the crowded and fast pace life of people living in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong every place you went, no matter the time of  day there was always people walking about since the huge population of Hong Kong lives on an extremely small area of land.

Therefore, if one is claustrophobic, I would definitely not suggest them going. For me, it was an amazing cultural experience and I would definitely love to return.





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